Faux Stained Glass Lighthouse shadowbox



Please note, that this is not the traditional stained glass method. For this effect, I took thin acrylic sheets and engraved the design on them. Then, I painted the design using acrylic paint, creating the faux stained glass effect. Honestly, I had a lot of fun making this shadowbox.

The size this comes in is 9×9. That’s because the design itself is 8.5×8.5. I wanted to make sure that there was enough room to put fairy lights in behind the painting for a special effect.

This took about 6 hours to make, as it’s 12 layers of acrylic I had to engrave and cut out. The engraving part did not take long to do. It was painting each layer and waiting for it to dry that took the longest.

This is not true stained glass, but it was inspired by it. I made this for my mom for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. I hope you will too!


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